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The challenges and the opportunities of the FinTech regulation in Mexico

FinTech Regulatory Challenges in Mexico report, established by Banxico, tells us that technological advances are not only being developed on new infrastructures but offer the possibility of innovating on existing financial infrastructures. Why are Mexican authorities taking measures to incorporate FinTech regulation into a legal framework? Firstly, Mexico is incorporating this regulation in order to give some legal setting to this new industry, which covers new market segments (traditionally uncovered by banking institutions), offering an easier...

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The trend is to fight fraud with advanced authentication technologies

As developed in the previous article entitled ‘Mexico hosts the most important online chargeback’, the Payment Service Directive in Europe mandates strong payment authentication, while we were writing that article, Banxico informed us about current market and collaborative initiatives. Cryptographic keys, digital identity or biometrics are the leading mechanisms employed by stakeholders in order to develop robust authentication technologies to fight fraud and data breaches. Multi-factor authentication requiring multiple layers of defense is the way forward...

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Mexico hosts the most important online chargeback

Mexican banks registered almost 2.9 million cases of suspected fraud in 2014, totaling around US $480 million among which 48% with credit card. Chargeback: a chargeback is a form of customer protection provided by their issuing banks, which allows cardholders to file a complaint regarding fraudulent transactions on their statement. Once the transaction is indeed proven to be fraudulent, the bank will refund the original value to the cardholder. From the merchant's point of view, if...

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México, el crecimiento digital incrementa el uso de pagos con tarjeta

Antes del año 2010, la revolución digital y el comercio electrónico en México presentaron una desaceleración debido a una fuerte renuencia a los pagos en línea respaldados por una baja tasa de habitantes que poseen una cuenta bancaria y sucesivamente, una tarjeta bancaria. Banxico (Banco Central de México) ha informado que, en 2012, solo el 27% de las personas mayores de 15 años contaban con una cuenta bancaria, dato incrementado a 46% para el año 2016....

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Achats programmatiques ? Les annonceurs en plein doute.

Selon un sondage de Dun & Bradstreet, la majorité des professionnels du marketing envisagent d'investir environ 1/4 de leur budget consacré aux dépenses publicitaires dans l'achat d'annonces programmatiques. L’objectif de la publicité programmatique, rappelons-le, est de fournir des messages ciblés. Cependant, certains annonceurs B2B peuvent avoir des cibles si précises et complexes que ce genre de publicité devient inefficace sans parler de la difficulté à atteindre le bon public pour 1/3 d’entre eux. D’ailleurs les achats programmatiques...

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What are marketers expecting in 2017 ?

6 Media Digital Advertising trends : 1. Overview Digital advertising spend continues to grow rapidly all over the world. Global advertising spending through automated trading could reach $ 24 billion by 2017, posing a challenge for advertising agencies and advertisers, including risks such as disintermediation and the possibility of fraud.  2. Transparency The lack of transparency in the relationship between Council and media buying agencies as well as the existence of major dysfunctions in the market proving, once again,...

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