K.P.EYES® for PAYMENT by M.A.T&Co.


You think you have the best cards payments commissions and that you control at its best your banking relationships.
K.P.EYES® for PAYMENT takes the opposite stance and support you in total independency to master the cost of your payment means.K.P.EYES® increases your bargaining power.

Mathematics Applied to Technologies

K.P.EYES® for PAYMENT by M.A.T&Co. is the The only and first intelligent end-to-end solution dedicated to payments commissions. It analyzes and monitors the execution of your bank contracts.


To be protected in the face of regulations, to be able to benefit fully from their advantages increase your bargaining power are the pillars of K.P. EYES® for payments.


K.P.EYES® for PAYMENT Executes and monitors Your contractual prerequisites, in conjunction with the Payments regulations in force.


Sophisticated analysis of your means of payments costs. One-click access to audited and automated reports.

#2-Audit and opportunities

K.P. EYES® for PAYMENT identifies your banking profile and additional revenue opportunities. 


Monitor your suppliers contracts.Follow these steps to optimized bidding through To our performance indicators that increase your bargaining power.

39% of savings average

$10 billion of errors and overcharged invoices

Our Financial and technological algorithms you details your transaction costs with a high granularity.


With your K.P.EYES® for PAYMENT Dashboard, you can, in fine, track the real transaction costs and optimize them


You are protected against regulations and their real benefits are passed on to you.


K.P.EYES® for PAYMENT Monitors the proper execution of your contracts.

You visualize the actual cost of your transactions.

Why Choose K.P.EYES® for PAYMENT by M.A.T&Co.?

Time saving

A dedicated team

Clarification of value chains

Detailed cost Analysis

Optimized tenders

A dedicated banking optimization profile

Independent and transparent KPIs (performance indicators)

Additional Savings and incomes

Autonomous indicators

Offers adapted to your needs

Our offers

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Auto-Executed & Smart Contract


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Analysis and Interpretations of Big Data

Smart Data

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Expertise-advisory for the cost of innovation


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