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Mathematics Applied to Technologies

M.A.T&Co. is the pioneer in Smart Data applied to optimization and performance of transactionnal costs in digital advertising and digital payment.
Who are we

Why M.A.T&Co.?

We have established ourselves internationally among advertisers and merchants in many sectors, including retail, tourism, personal and luxury goods, healthcare and many other sectors.

The expertise of audit and financial analysis, Big data, as well as the evaluation and the use of technologies are our daily inspirations.

M.A. T&Co refers to the M.A.T&matiques!


M.A.T is the acronym for : Mathematics Applied to Technologies.


We provide visibility, objectivity and transparency, creating the confidence that provide a favorable climate for advertisers and merchants to investment and purchase in the digital era.

Smart Data? It is the processing and analysis of the Big Data.

M.A.T&Co. covers advertisers and merchants needs for costs transparency and efficiency of digital media purchases and digital payments.

Our mission


The use of digital technologies and the arrival of new suppliers make business models and commercial pricing more and more complex and opaque. 

M.A. T&Co (M.A.T) is an expert in the acquisition, the processing and the analysis of Big Data generated by complex electronic supply chains. Our expertise in Smart Data applies for the optimization and performance of digital media's and electronic payments transactions.

We edit software and marketplaces, in total independence, allowing advertisers and merchants to optimize and visualize the performance of digital transactions.

Technologies accumulate in IT servers massive volume of your proprietary data and also very often third-party data. We acquire these data for you with our expertise, our mathematicians process and dissect them to extract the real performance of each transaction against its cost. Our softwares help you to stay in control with the princing metrics and the key performance indicators it retrieves in complete transparency.

Each year, these mature trading markets see the arrival of new providers and new technologies. It is difficult for advertisers and merchants to clarify and control the returns on investments and the pricing of these benefits.

Because industrial, national and international bodies also regulate these transactions, we are also committed to restoring to you the benefits of these regulations which are not automatically delivered to you.

We work for you in the search of substantial savings and continually maximize your performance.



Our team is, multi-generational, totally independent and passionate about innovation, optimization and performance.

It is made up of personalities from different fields of business expertise (data analysts, data scientists, jurists, consultants, developers) with advanced knowledge of the digital media and banking sectors.

We bring our personal touch and our pedagogyTo help you in understanding and evaluating the technologies and providers of digital media and means of payment.


The team brings the expertise, dynamism and integrity to the success of your ambitions.

Business analyst


Big Data Analyst


Responsible for business development


Responsible for business development


Our team is multi-generational, totally independent and passionate about innovation, optimization and performance of digital services.

Our values