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Who is M.A.T&Co.?

M.A.T&Co. is a pioneer independent consultancy company in optimization and performance of marketing and advertising-dedicated services and technologies (MadTech).

What do we do?

We analyze and improve the arrangements of your technologies and service contracts in marketing, advertising and technology (MadTech). We analyze performance for better piloting. We provide visibility, objectivity and transparency, creating the confidence that provides a climate favorable to investment.

What is MadTech?

MadTech is a word puzzle of Marketing, Advertising and Technology

Law Sapin and transparency in economic life

Act of 29 January 1993 on the prevention of corruption and transparency of economic life and public procedures defined the rules applicable to the advertising industry. This area was formerly characterized by a high opacity, not conducive to a good allocation of resources. To improve its functioning, the so-called 'Sapin' law introduced an obligation of transparency.

Macron law and digital advertising

With the emergence of new media, new ways of marketing of advertising advertising spaces have grown and new actors of this new business model emerged.

This amendment is designed to apply the principles of law of 29 January 1993 on the new actors of the digital advertising market.

What is programmatic ?

The programmatic in marketing is characterized by the automation of the advertising campaigns.

The RTB and programmatic buying, is it the same?

The RTB is a form of programmatic buying, however all programmatic buying are not in RTB

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