8 conseils pour protéger votre marque

8 Tips you should considered to protect your brand

In keeping brand safety as one of the cornerstones of you campaign initiative, some of the following measures should be considered:

  • Setting definitive campaign goals are at the centre of ensuring that you’re following best practices for buying digital media. Leaving objectives too broad and undecided could make your campaign more vulnerable to obstacles related to brand safety. It’s a good idea to list all goals beforehand including formulating a real price for the inventory you want.


  • Using verification companies as well as assigning brand-specific blacklists are important in eliminating undesirable placements ahead of going live.


  • During the campaign life-cycle, continuously filter and undesired publishers at URL level and use post-impression and post-click analysis insights to find valuable opportunities in target sites that are relevant.


  • Employ technology to determine what percentage of the ad is seen and improve viewable impressions by bidding for more prominent ad spots.


  • Leverage geo-targeting insights available to you to prevent budget wastage and to ensure accurate campaign delivery.


  • Find opportunities for ad-blocking, category targeting and contextual targeting to proactively prevent ads from appearing next to inappropriate content.


  • Ad Fraud is a serious threat to undermining brand-safety. The complexity of bots have increased the risk of masking impressions, clicks, cookie attribution and video completes. Certain indicators within reports do define human interaction such as purchases, subscriptions or surveys.
  • Promote transparency with your clients and partners. General education within the industry should be a collaborative effort and a free exchange of information can only aid in promoting brand-safety and deterring bad actors within the marketplace.

23% of the videos are seen by robots. These robots would divert nearly $6.3 billion advertisers